DVPN Token Delegation - Sentinel Wallet (Desktop Version)

Delegate your DVPN tokens with the official Sentinel wallet (Desktop version)

In this tutorial we will use:

– A crypto-currency exchange platform where to buy the DVPN token (example: MXC)

The Sentinel wallet

PS: Sentinel imposes 28 days of decoupling once the withdrawal request has been validated

2 – Open the Sentinel wallet.

The default password is: admin

Then press « Login« 

3 – Enter a password to open the application for the next few times in the « Application Password » box.

Do not touch the other parameters.

Press the « Save » button.

4 – Enter a name in the « Name » box for your account (this can allow you to find yourself among several if you wish to create several later on the application).

Enter a password in the « Password » box. This password is used to sign transactions on the application, you can choose the same as the one to connect to your account, or another.

The « Mnemonic » part allows you if you already have an account to recover it by entering your following words separated with a space.

Press « Create« .

5 – Your account is created!

Please write down in an offline location and secure your mnemonic to recover your account at any time if needed. It is important to NEVER share these words.

Copy your sent1 address in the « Address » box to transfer your tokens from the ETH chain to Cosmos.

Then click on « Continue« 

6 – ONLY if your tokens are still under the ETH chain – If your tokens are already under the cosmos chain, skip this step

Go to the sentinel bridge to transfer the ETH chain to Cosmos: https://swap.sentinel.co

Click on « Connect to Wallet » in the red frame to connect your Metamask or Ledger account linked to Metamask.

Insert your address copied from part 4 to insert it in the green frame.

Add the Max amount to transfer, and click on « Initiate » to initiate the first transaction.

The first transaction allows interaction with the contract (if you are connected by the ETH application of your Ledger, you must « Enable contract » in the application settings).

The second transaction will be the transaction of the desired total amount on your main chain address under Cosmos.

7 – Return to the Sentinel application.

Refresh your account data, then search for the StakeLab validator.

Press the Green « D » button to delegate your tokens.

8 – Add the amount to be delegated (keep 1 DVPN for your future delegation transactions or simply to collect your rewards).

Do not enter a Memo.

Enter the « transaction » password. Press « Delegate« .

Your tokens are finally delegated!