Delegate your OSMO tokens - Keplr (Desktop version)

Claim 100% of your OSMO tokens by completing the tutorial tasks below

1 – Open Google Chrome

Download Keplr browser extension

PS: If you already have Keplr, you must clear your caches and relaunch Google Chrome to have access to all Osmosis features

Connect your account where your ATOM tokens were delegated (stake)

You should have your OSMO token balance in the Osmosis network (20% of the fairdrop)

2 – Delegate your OSMO tokens to the StakeLab validator to recover an additional 20%: 

3 – Connect to

Click on the « Assets » tab and press « Deposit » on the line corresponding to the token you wish to transfer to the platform

4 – Once your tokens have been received (a few seconds)
Click on the « Pools » tab

Choose a pool corresponding to the two tokens you have and click on its row
Example: here, we choose an OSMO / DVPN pool

5 – Click at the top of the page on « Add / Remove Liquidity » to add liquidity

Then add an amount of token in the first box to have the same amount in the second box

Then click on « Add Liquidity » to receive an additional 20% of your OSMO tokens

6 – Then click on the « Trade » tab

Make an exchange between two tokens of your choice (no minimum amount) by adding an amount in the first box of the token you wish to exchange 

Then click on « Swap » to receive an additional 20% of your OSMO tokens

7 – Go on

Click on « Governance« 

Choose a vote and Click on « Vote« 

Click on the circle on the line that corresponds to your choice then on the « Confirm » button to receive an additional 20% of your OSMO tokens (100% at this stage have been unlocked!)